TSheets Manager Training

Video #1: Using The Kiosk

This video will show you how to use the TSheets Kiosk so that you can train your employees to do so.

Video #2: Crew Review

You should review your crew twice each day…once in the morning after the shift has started to make sure everyone has clocked in and account for any missing employees as well as after your crew has ended their shift to ensure that everyone has clocked out.

Video #3: Correcting Shifts

This video will show you how to correct shifts that are inaccurate using the TSheets mobile app.

Video #4: Deleting Lunch Breaks

Sometimes people work during a meal break. When this happens you’ll need to delete the meal break. As a reminder, employees have to be fully relieved of all job duties during the entire meal break.

Video #5: Manual Clock In/Out

There may be times that an employee is having trouble clocking in or out. This video will show you how to clock employees in and out if you need to, however, this should be the exception and not the rule.

Chris Blanchard