Signing In To Chrome

When you work on a work desktop there are advantages in signing in to Chrome with your work email.  When you are signed in Chrome automatically syncs your settings such as favorites, history, passwords, etc with your Google account.

There are some risks, however.

  1. You should never sign-in to Chrome (notice I said "Chrome", not Gmail) and have it sync to your personal computer.  An attacker who compromises your home computer may have access to your work resources if they can access cached data.  If you need to check email from home, use Incognito Mode in Chrome to keep your work login separate from your personal browsing settings and data.
  2. You should never sign-in to Chrome using your personal Google account to a work desktop.  You risk having your personal credentials, settings, etc cached on work PCs.

Here's how to sign-in to Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome and make your way to the menu in the top left
  2. Choose Settings > Sign-in > Sign-in to Chrome
  3. When prompted, choose "Link Data"