Generate a QRCode vCard

Chris / InfoTech

Chris / InfoTech

When someone hands me a business card I have a 95% chance of losing it within 5 minutes.  If I do manage to hang on to it I find it winds up in the most useless of all places...rubber banded to hundreds more business cards, forgotten in my bottom drawer.  I assume the reverse it true and expect that hundreds of my business cards have been lost before they did anyone any good. Did you know that you can generate a 2-dimensional bar code known as a QR Code  with all of your contact information that any Smart Phone or tablet can read? 

The best part is that the information on the QR Code can be saved directly to your contacts on your mobile device immediately.  

Here's the basic steps:

Generate a QR Code with information you would include on a vCard (consider visiting to generate your QR code from your mobile device)
Save/download the resulting QR Code as a .png image file to your Smart Phone
Pull up the QR Code on your Smart Phone and ask people to scan it with Barcode Reader (or a similar freely available Barcode/QR Code reader) - VOILA! 

- Chris / InfoTech