Auto Updates for Google Play

The Google Play Store is the app on Android phones that not only lets you search for and download other apps, but also is responsible to keep those apps as well as systems apps update to date.  

By default the Play Store is configured to update apps only over WiFi.  This is designed to save cellular bandwidth, however, this setting can also present some functional issues and security risks.  For example, if you never connect your device to WiFi (or go long periods of time between doing so) you could be running apps that should be updated but aren't.  

Here's how to change that setting.

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Touch "Auto-update apps"
  4. Choose "Auto-update apps at any time.  Data charges may apply."
Configure Google Play Store to Auto-update Apps

Configure Google Play Store to Auto-update Apps

Chris Blanchard