TSheets Introduction

Background Information

The Payroll Department is transitioning time collection to TSheets for time capture. The following videos will assist you in getting started. This video will introduce you to the basics of time and attendance at Schuster.

Using the Kiosk

This video will show you how to clock in and out on the Kiosk tablets.

Using a Mobile Phone

Step 1: Register with Schuster

In order to sign-in to TSheets you'll need to register with us for an account.  The payroll department will validate the details you provide and our system will send you a text message with your login information.  If you choose to provide your email address, you can use this to reset your own password in the future.  If not, you'll need to call the payroll department to get your password reset if you forget it or change devices.

Step 2: Downloading and Install TSheets Time Tracker (free):

Step 3: Signing In:

  1. Sign In. Note, you'll need to have Location Services turned on for the app to function correctly. If using an iPhone, choose "Always Allow" when prompted for Location Access. The system will automatically clock you out if location services are disabled or turned off.

  2. When logging in, if it tells you that your username was found under multiple companies, enter "schuster" as the company name.

Simple Clock In / Out

  1. Open the app.

  2. Hit Clock In. Note, you're expect to be at work and ready to work when you clock in.

  3. When you're done, open the app and hit Clock Out. Simple.

This shows a simple clock in for employees who do not need to allocate their time to a project.

This shows a simple clock in for employees who do not need to allocate their time to a project.

Clock In with Job and Phase

Depending on your role, you may have to not only clock in and out but allocate your time to one or more projects.  Here's how to do that.

Choose a project and phase, then Clock In.

Choose a project and phase, then Clock In.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much data does TSheets use?  TSheets uses around 10MB per day on a normal day.  This is about as much as sending 2 photos you took on your phone to someone else or streaming 2 of your favorite songs. 

How will TSheets impact my phone's battery life?  TSheets is thrifty.  You'll should find that a full day of use will be less than 1-3% of your phone's battery.  If you're concerned about how much that will cost you in electricity consider that the average SmartPhone uses around $.25 per year in electricity if you charge it daily.

What about GPS?  The TSheets mobile app requires GPS and sends a GPS fix about every 10 minutes, however, your supervisor is only able to see your GPS fixes while you're clocked in.  When you clock out the app no longer sends GPS or has access to your location.  In other words, GPS is only available while you're on the clock.  We think that's fair.

If you are having trouble with GPS please review this article for help:

Who can see my GPS coordinates?  We limit access to your time card and associated GPS data to your supervisor or timekeeper and to our administrative departments such as Payroll, Human Resources, and IT Support.  In other words, other employees or non-authorized managers or supervisors cannot access or request time card data for employees over which they have no authority. 

I'm concerned about privacy.  Keep in mind that TSheets can't engage your camera, see what other apps are on your phone, or scrape any other data off your phone.  It's not an MDM solution...just a simple app for you to record accurate time in order be paid fairly.  We're not interested in anything else.  Read our Employee Privacy Policy for more information.



Chris Blanchard