About Us

Dan Schuster got started in 1974 and in 1975 founded the company we know today as Schuster Concrete Construction.  Today, Schuster Concrete Construction (currently DGS Construction, LLC) is a leader in the Mid-Atlantic region as commercial concrete construction subcontractor.  Together we've built some remarkable buildings in the Baltimore/Washington area and beyond.

In 1985 Dan Schuster founded Schuster Concrete (currently Schuster Concrete Ready Mix, LLC) to manufacture and supply concrete to his construction projects.  Today we have 7 concrete plant locations and service not only DGS Construction, LLC but also thousands of other customers in the Baltimore/Washington area.

As a family owned set of businesses we think there's some fundamental values that are at the core of our culture that make working here a uniquely rewarding experience.


Make It Happen Attitude

There is an attitude in our workforce that is passionate about making things happen.  We are agile, adaptable, and willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.  Whether it's going to great lengths to fix problems or coming up with ingenious ways to improve our technique, our workforce makes amazing things happen every day.

Multicultural Makeup

We are multicultural.  We are Mayflower descendants and first generation Americans.  We are African American, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, and more.  We are men and women from many age groups and many backgrounds.  We represent many different personality types.  There are opportunities for success for each employee and we value each other because of our differences.


Multidisciplinary Workforce

We are a company of learners.  Each one of us has skills to offer that help the company achieve success.  We are laborers, carpenters, finishers, operators, electricians, plumbers, accountants, estimators, mechanics, drivers, engineers, project managers, and many more.  In stark contrast to the modern outsourcing trends, this company has thrived in the market because of the resources we have in-house.  This company provides avenues for growth that are based on skill, hard work, attitude, and aptitude for learning.

Merit-Based Opportunities

We are non-bureaucratic and have a flat management structure.  We believe that each one should have the opportunity to work hard for a competitive wage and great benefits to provide for ourselves and our families.  We value open communication and opportunities for advancement based on merit, aptitude, and skill.  We want to be the leading employer in our field by treating each employee fairly as a valuable member of the team.


Ground-Up Leadership

A position of leadership is never taken lightly, nor is it given lightly.  Our leaders have and have proven themselves with, experience, hard work, aptitude, and diligence rather than diplomas and credentials.  We expect our leaders to manage work profitably by caring for employees and customers, meeting tight schedules, managing tight budgets, recognizing and leveraging innovation, and much more!

Caring for Each Other

We care for one another.  This is reflected in our Safety Team's commitment to provide an accident and injury free workplace.  We recognize that injuries may happen, but we don't consider a single one an "acceptable cost of doing business" and we aim to have zero employees injured on the job.  Employees who are injured are treated with respect and the utmost care to ensure that they can return to work as soon as they are able.  Our commitment to caring for one another extends to our compensation and benefits packages which we believe to be some of the best in the market.